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AMUSUVIG – An End to Domestic Violence

An Instant and Enduring Bond, Woman to Woman

An instant and enduring bond was forged that day when women of the Coffee Break group met 3 women survivors of domestic violence. It was as if we were talking about everyone’s daughter. The protective, supportive and caring flood gates opened and the initiative to help AMUSUVIG was born.

The Coffee Break for Women Inland group began as a Facebook page. As founder my idea was to close the gap between towns and villages inland and encourage women to network and support each others business ventures, charities and passions. The group grew quickly and the “Inland drum” was soon relaying tit bits of information and advice between women who had never met but enjoyed the exchange. Our first meeting in October 2013 was a resounding success and we decided to make it a monthly event. In the meantime the group has met in a variety of locations, heard and discussed many topics. The goal is always to get to know more about each other, what we have to offer as well as what we need.

In November 2014 we heard from Nora Eleanora about AMUSUVIG a small group of women in Málaga who have survived domestic violence. We heard how they helped women walk away from similar situations, supporting them and their children from the first moment until they become emotionally free and independent again. There are many needs during this time not least of which are a safe place to stay, a job and finances for everyday things including, food, clothes, school items etc.

Nora told us that there were 68 children between 1 and 13yrs old and we decided spontaneously to buy Christmas presents for the children. When the list filled in days it was extended to include presents for the mums. Buying children’s toys was great fun for us and something pretty for the mums, a pleasure too.

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In January 2015 three of the young women from AMUSUVIG came to our meeting to thank us and tell us more about their work. An emotional roller coaster followed as we listened to an account of what is involved when a women leaves an abusive relationship. The journey often begins at the police station where the victim desperately needs help and someone to talk to. All of the women of AMUSUVIG are survivors and they are called to help at that very moment. They support and care for the victims, emotionally and in every practical way possible through this very difficult time. It takes 4 months to get to court where their case can be heard and suitable decisions and measures can be put into place to protect the woman and her children.

There is little help available to the victims of domestic violence which makes the work that AMUSUVIG do, even more important. They urgently need funds to finance projects to house and care for women and children in the most heart breaking circumstances. AMUSUVIG is a registered charity CIF: G – 93248508 and you can help by making a donation via PayPal to

If you know of a job possibility you could help a woman take the first major step to independence. What could be more rewarding? Please email me with any suggestions you may have, nothing is too trivial. Carol Engelmann :

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