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Why LinguaSur?

Are you fed up with traditional language courses? Are you an expat and have been living in Spain for years and still do not speak the language? You really want to improve your Spanish but you’re confused about which would be the best place to visiti and study.

At “LinguaSur, we will provide everything that you are looking for in just 8 days!
Learn, communicate and immerse yourself with Spanish people from different places, so that you feel more confident in everyday conversations.
Enjoy the sun, sea, and the mountains whilst learning a new language.


“Just talk will make you confidence”
At LinguaSur we have not just chosen the linguistic activities for the improvement of your Spanish, but you can also enjoy other activities such as yoga, golf, cinema or partaking in local excursions which will provide you the platform to continue practising the use of the language. In that way, the activities would be:

Face to face: this is one of the “star” activities, since you will talk about different topics and experiences with a native Spanish speaker for 50 minutes. Every 50 minutes you will switch partners, so you will speak and listen to volunteers with different accents.

Telephone sessions: Are you usually scared of answering the phone? Are you afraid you cannot continue the conversation or might lose details of an important negotiation or appointment? With this activity, you will practice exactly that, and you will feel more confident next time you answer the phone!

Conferences: two, three or even four participants which set you in different role-play situations and interactive meetings. This activity will also give you the confidence of interacting in any future conferences situations.

Presentations: each student should prepare 1 or 2 presentations with the help of the native-Spanish speaker during the program which will be presented in front of others.
Improvisation/role-play: everyone knows about role-play activities in which you simulate a specific situation. These kinds of activities will help us to meet the group and laugh and learn together.

Breakfast-lunch-dinner: even your meal time will be an opportunity to continue speaking and listening while you enjoy the local food.

Yoga: at LinguaSur we believe that body, mind and soul have to be balanced when you are doing any activity, so we have included 2 yoga lessons adapted to any level. At the same time you are working your body, you will achieve the harmony of your mind and soul.

Activities and local excursions: we have also arranged for you to participate in a day-trip to explore the nature and visiting some of the most beautiful towns, always guided by a Spanish native speaker. One other morning activity out of the hotel is also included.

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All the students who come to improve their Spanish used to be professionals or language students, who need to improve for work or even as a personal endeavour. All of them must be over 18 years old and have a Spanish level between A2-B1. All of them will do a level test and a personal telephone interview before being accepted into the program. Although, we also do tailor-made programmes, even individual ones.

Spanish Speakers
They are carefully selected volunteers who come from different parts of Spain. They all are not teachers, since our method does not consist of strict grammar, but they have the main ingredient: they love communication and cultural exchange and they will help you to improve the use of the language.

Manager and coordination
Silvana, graduated in Translation and Interpretation in Málaga University, with teacher qualifications, Master’s Degree in Protocol and Events Organization and with a wide experience in hotel industry and customer service, will accompany you during the whole program and will attend to anything you need. She will do her best to make you feel like at home and help you get the best from the program, the friends you will make, the volunteers, the accommodation and activities.


Our objectives are based on the 3Cs

Confidence is the key when you are learning to speak in another language and you can only get that with the main activity of our program: talk & talk.

Communication and confidence are closely connected. The more you speak, the more confidence you will gain; the more confidence you gain, the more likely you are to speak.
For this reason, they are two of the main objectives of our programme.

Sometimes you really want to communicate, and although you make an effort to understand what people are saying to you, you simply just don’t get it, this can be frustrating. With continuous communication and using the correct grammar that you already know, you will have the confidence and the knowledge to understand and to be understood in a real conversation.


Our methodology is all to do with effective communication. You have been learning grammar, doing exercises, but you are tired of the same methods…
For this reason, in “LinguaSur”, we have not just prepared effective communication exercises, but also a continuous dialogue with native Spanish people from different places, on a daily basis.

This linguistic retreat is the perfect combination of living and studying in Spain to enable you to gain control of the Spanish language and culture in just 8 days.

Silvana Ruiz Medina
Directora/Managing Director LinguaSur | 651 159 520