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Chequers Golf Holidays

When one thinks of the Costa del Sol one thinks of golf. Whether one is a golfer or not (I am not!), one will see evidence of golf everywhere. Luxurious golf courses and clubhouses, golf bags in hotel receptions, signposts, billboards and adverts cars full of players and their equipment and bars and restaurants full of players and their families. Not for no reason does the Costa del Sol call itself the “Costa del Golf.”

So, how do you find your way around the labyrinth of offers, special offers and very special offers displayed in every expat magazine and newspaper? My suggestion would be to use the services of a professional and I recommend Tony Shanley of Chequers Golf Holidays S.C.

They can organise everything for the golfer (and family or friends!) from tuition to discounted golf fees and from weekly tournaments to your own event. They can also organise full holidays and/or apartment/villa rental only. So, in other words, Chequers can assist with as much or as little of your golfing requirements as you wish.

They are on the promenade in central Fuengirola (Chequers Golf Holidays SC, Paseo Maritimo Rey Espana, 44 Edif. Portallano, Local 1, 29640 Fuengirola)

They are actually based in a great sports bar with Sky TV, great food, quality beers and spirits …. and a warm welcome. A great base for golfers and non-golfers alike.

For more information, call 95 2461 941, email or visit their website.

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