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Women on the Frontierline

Are you a Social Entrepreneur or aspiring Entrepreneur ready to make a significant shift in your business and personal development?

Are you seeking an empowering, educational & rejuvenating experience that will shift you to take a quantum leap towards your vision and goals?

If you are really ready to boost your results and discover the mindset, methodology and insights to building your organisation.


For almost 2 decades Claudine Reid MBE has empowered women to pursue their passions and develop enterprising idea’s helping women to cancel excuses and break down barriers.

This high level Summit is taking place in
Fuengirola, Spain 24th – 27th April 2014 at the elegant Beatriz Palace Hotel & Spa.

The Women on the Frontline Empowerment Summit will inspire you to “raise the bar”. Be prepared for an enhanced experience with an amazing group of entrepreneurs, business professional and leaders.

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