Salon Varietes sur 16-04-26 (1)

Hello and welcome to the Salon’s May Newsletter!

We open with Accidents with one of the Salon’s favourite actors, George Du Sel, making his directorial debut in our hallowed edifice. You will be treated to four exciting little stories with a 15-minute intermission. To begin with, the versatile Catrina Helsby will take you on a New York subway train in her performance of Robert Fox’s A Fable. A young man encounters a pretty maiden…. with her mother in tow. You´ll become witness to a strange love story which might leave you a little incredulous at the end, but – stranger things have happened. Love is in the air.

Then, be ready for a big surprise! A Slight Accident (by James Saunders) takes you in a split second half-way around the world – to the London flat of Penelope, who just experienced a very tiresome accident and calls up her curious neighbour, Camilla, to help her come to terms with the calamity she finds herself in. Camilla’s husband (Henryk Hagensen) is also drawn in and the pair is kept on the edge of the sofa listening as Camilla, like Scheherazade, divulges some outrageously tall tales. Camilla gradually realizes what is behind all the smoke that Penelope keeps blowing at them. And off goes the chain of events on its immutable course…

I am quite certain that you will go into the intermission with a big smile on your face. Have a drink!

Act 2

We open in a very suspicious little shop in the rather “dodgy” neighbourhood of Pell Street,
Manhattan Chinatown. In The Chaser by John Collier, young Alan Austen timidly makes his way to an address he has been given where he is told he can get help with his so far unsuccessful love interest. He finds himself with a rather peculiar old man. But the old man has what Alan wants – a love potion. Alan is thrilled by what he is being promised. However the peculiar way in which the old man advertises his product is a little disconcerting. Let’s see where this goes…

In our final scene we leave this reality and trail into the forest of Athens, the forest of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Fairies rule this make-believe biosphere: Oberon foremost with his mischievous helper Puck at his side.
Four lovers have made their way into this wood. Lysander & Hermia, Demetrius & Helena. Two couples in a magical forest – hormones running high! That calls for a love potion (didn’t we have that before?). Oberon steps up and benevolently tries to fix the mismatches with his magic. Puck however who is to carry out the plan –shall we say semi-maliciously? – makes a bit of a mess of it. No harm done, though, we are in a fairy-tale after all.
Jack shall have Jill,
Nought shall go ill;
The man shall have his mare again and all shall be well.

With this lovely bit of Shakespeare we let you out into the night (or the bar). The director is anxious to know if good old William still has an audience. After all we are commemorating 400 years of the bard’s demise this year. Let George know when you see him.
6 – 10 May Nightly at 8pm – Sunday: 7pm.

The 14th and 15th of the month see the return of The ABBA Experience – need I write more?



Friends of the Theatre Association, now with 500 members! recently launched FOTA FUN group! This is aimed at encouraging young people to join. On Saturday a fun, highly enjoyable Treasure Hunt organised by Simon de la Mare and Kirsty Dennis attracted a big crowd of participants and despite the rain they all had a huge amount of fun.So….join FOTA if not already a member! With trips of all kinds and a monthly Lunch Club you make friends and enjoy yourselves…and support the theatre.

The FOTA desk at the Salon Varietes will be open on a Saturday 12 – 2pm as well as Mon, Wed, Fri. For further information ring Val Williams, tel 952 584 268.

Happy Theatre-Going!
Geoffrey Stansfield


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