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The Body Detoxification Treatment is now available at Vanity!

The Hidrolinfa Detoxification help to remove the toxins from the organism through the feet.

In each foot we have approximately 2000 pores, the feet are also at the end of the blood and lymphatic circulation, making the feet reflect every organ and gland of our organism.

Hidrolinfa’s electronic system, along with water and salt creates a controlled electromagnetic field, which changes polarity in a programmed way and promotes the stimulation of cells and nervous centres that reject the toxins from our organs.

Hidrolinfa not only detoxifies the body, it helps the lymphatic system to discharge the excess of fluid and toxins, which not only relieves the lymphatic channels and ganglions, but also allows an easier blood flow,decreasing the pressure around the blood vessels.

Hidrolinfa is beneficial for bad circulation , varicose veins, arthritis and rheumatism, orange peel skin, swollen heavy legs and feet , body balance and well being. As soon as you immerse your feet in the water you can see the detoxification happen as the toxins emerge and the water changes colour

€ 35 for 1 treatment
€ 95 for 3 treatments
€ 155 for 6 treatments
€ 225 for 9 treatments

Each treatment takes 40 minute , treatments are recommended 2-3 times a week for the first month followed by 2-4 time a month for the best detoxification results.

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