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TAURISOL – New Era Resort Concept

TAURISOL is new era holiday resort project, which is sustainable and energy-independent — producing its own energy from the sun, wind and bio.

We are enthusiastic to see the TauriSol dream come true! Since 2011, we have been innovating a new, unique holiday resort concept which is beyond the normal. The resort will be energy-independent and ecological – producing its own energy from the sun, wind and bio energy. TauriSol owners, customers and visitors can benefit from smart grid building technology with ICT mobile solutions throughout their TauriSol experience. Our mobile technology helps monitoring all activities and allows for easily controlling lightning, air-conditioning etc – all this through the personal smart phone world-wide. We can start building TauriSol with your support.

To learn more and see how you can be involved click the bull below!

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