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Who else wants to discover how easy it is to be free from nicotine?

Stoptober is a campaign started by the UK NHS and aim is to help smokers achieve 28 days smokefree.
Stuart Ashing a certified practitioner in Hypnosis & Neuro lingistic programming, and an ex smoker since 2005.
Offers you help to quit smoking even easier, and join in with the UK campaign, Stop smoking for 28 days. Or more!

WHO IS THIS FOR – 30-30 Stoptober?

The session is presented by Stuart Ashing. A Professional Smoking cessation therapist with 20 years experience, ( and Ex-Smoker since November 2005 ) who knows exactly how tough quitting can be without the correct help.
AND can help you……

Here in Spain you can get personal, professional support in your Stoptober challenge right here on the Costa Del Sol. with Stuart Ashing, with the 30-30 group hypnosis events. “I personally have benefitted from the methods I use to now help others.” Stuart Ashing. “I had a dream that one day i would find a way to quit smoking forever. It took many failed attempts, and 30 years to find the solution”.Stuart Ashing.

The 30-30 Campaign is designed to make that even more certain AND pleasurable.
This is for those who want the best help they can get to lead them to the results they want.


The 30-30 campaign is visiting venues along the coast and Inland Costa Del Sol. Each seminar & group session will take 4 hours.
The support session with Stuart Ashing will help you to learn in a group:
Why you used to smoke
Stop smoking the same way most people start smoking.
What happens to you when you stop smoking and are free.
Learn the myths behind why its hard to quit.
How to drop the old routines that pulled you back in last time.
How to prevent putting on the pounds.
How to turn on your own relaxation juices in times of stress & enter a Hamlet cigar type moment without the nicotine.
How to alter your old smoking Habit / belief to something more useful.
How to celebrate your freedom.
How to Focus on what you DO WANT


The final part of the session is a guided visualisation that will direct you into a light hypnotic trance and reinforce your decision to be free.
At the end of the session we expect that every one will have made the choice to stop smoking and be free of nicotine. Because they feel GREAT and know they can continue to feel great with the natural methods taught.
The fee is €30 per person (non refundable)
Maximum of 30 people per session – Session held in English only
You can take part in the 30-30 Stoptober event by attending the ONLY event in Fuengirola.

Sunday 14th October 1pm – 4pm at the Cala Luna Restaurant near the Piramides Hotel

Please note there are only 20 places still available at this venue,

Other venues will be announced here

TO BOOK – Visit StoptoberEvents

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