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One thing you will never be stuck for in Fuengirola is a massive choice of rental properties. Whether you are looking for short-term or holiday let or a long-term/indefinite rental, the town has literally thousands of properties available. How many? That’s almost impossible to say as the overwhelming majority are rented privately and one can only speculate whether these rentals are declared to the authorities.

How do you find a rental?

If you are in Fuengirola, then you are spoiled for choice. Go into any bar and ask! I am pretty sure somebody will know somebody. Alternatively, look at the notice boards in bars, supermarkets etc and check other adverts on lamp-posts and bus shelter etc. A lot of these will be written in English. The Spanish for “to rent” is “Se alquila” and you will often find “Se alquila” signs in the windows of the properties. This may be the least expensive way to rent BUT it is most unlikely that you will be offered a legal contract and so if you have a problem, well, you have a problem!

If you are not in the area or even in Spain, the good news is that the www is full of rental properties in most price brackets. There are huge portals like which has over 6,000 properties throughout Spain as well as many other Spanish-language sites. This is a direct-from-owner site with Spain-Holiday simply acting as a virtual introducer.

Alternatively, if you want a specialist local agent who has in depth knowledge of the area then I can recommend Bo i Spanien This is run by a very professional Swedish couple who live in the town and know the area and each of their properties. They speak fluent English and have many years of experience of rentals. They deal mainly with longer-term/better quality properties but always have a good selection of all types. If there are any issues, they are on hand to deal with them. Likewise if you want to know where to get a bus to Marbella or a train to Málaga, they can help with that too.

Finally, a good friend of mine has two rentals of his own and if you want a holiday near the beach and the centre without needing a car, then Roger Cummiskey could be your answer. He has lived here for many years and knows the area well. Recommended.


You will see that I have not written at length about rental contracts. Why? Many years of experience tells me that most rentals are not regulated and that 99% of the contracts I see are not valid. For the avoidance of any doubt, the ONLY rental contracts that are legal in Spain are written in the Spanish language. It is as simple as that. Without a Spanish-language contract, it is futile for either party to take the other one to court. That’s the reality!

Let me be VERY clear, I am NOT saying that you should not have a legally-binding contract whether you are the owner or the tenant! I am just relating my experience that most rentals are non-regulated…….for better or for worse! All that said, the overwhelming percentage of all rentals are successful and, in any case, with the ones that end in problems I usually think there would have been problems with or without a piece of paper. Sorry to be so blunt but 12 years living in Spain and having heard many disputes, I am adamant that most could best be sorted over a cup of coffee rather than a judge’s desk.

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