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We are raffling 50 euros’ worth of school supplies or office supplies!

Also,if you buy your school supplies for the back to school campaign at Ofimar or stationery for your office in July and August, we will give you 50 € IN CASH, just by showing the receipt if you bought more than 50€.

IMPORTANT: You must take these 3 simple steps:
1st: Just click on this link and comment it:
2nd: Share that thread. (Click on “Share”)
3rd: If you are not a follower of our page yet, just click on “Like” on our page.

We will assign you a three digit number. You will be the winner if it coincides with the three last figures of the ONCE draw on September 1st 2015.

Remember we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT on School Supplies until October 1st.

Good luck!!!

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