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Free workshop: Ayurveda and the use of aromatic and medicinal plants

Come and enjoy a free mini workshop about Ayurveda and the use of aromatic and medicinal plants which will take place on Friday 14 September 5 pm (2-3 hours) with Lawrence Body.

Ayurveda can be translated as the science of long life. However, this definition falls far short of what ayurveda really is. The objective of this thousands of year old Indian medicine is to live life to the full by fulfilling ones hopes, dreams and purpose. Being a holistic science it works on body, mind and spirit. Through the 5 senses we enter on a journey to wholeness and health. We enjoy “touch” learning how to massage with warm aromatic oils. Through the sense of taste we learn how to prepare and follow a diet adequate for our body type. We incorporate exercise and daily routines most suited to our constitution and lifestyle. We travel through the seasons and years discovering how we can interact with nature and be in harmony with natural cycles.

Through yoga, meditation, mantra and chakra work we contact with our innerselves and balance mind and body. We discover how our basic constitutions known in ayurveda as vata, pitta and kapha influence our thoughts, emotions and actions and hence become more able to understand ourselves and facilitate this awareness in others.

This introductory free workshop will give you an insight into what ayurveda can do for you. Furthermore as ayurveda relies greatly on aromatic and medicinal plants you will also find out what other disciplines such as aromatherapy and plant alchemy can offer you, as an individual or therapist, as complementary routes to holistic wellbeing.

You can register to this free workshop with the following link

About Lawrence Body: Lawrence Body is a qualified holistic therapist and naturopath, specializing in aromatic and medicinal plants. He has over 20 years of practical experience working in natural health and healing centres and spas, both in England and Spain. Lawrence leads regular courses on Ayurveda, Bach Flowers, Massage, Aromatherapy, Business Awareness and is a master instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy. Before becoming a therapist and after completing his degree in Economics and Geography he worked for 3 years with the homeless on the streets of London. He has travelled extensively in India worked with Mother Theresa and studied yoga, Buddhism and ayurveda. His experience of pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela led him to write a book entitled “The Lotus that blossoms on the Camino”. He is also an English teacher at Malaga University leading students to pass the Cambridge examinations.

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