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The village of Frigiliana (which sits within the municipality of the same name) is a popular tourist location in the province of Malaga and is located approximately 56km to the east of the city itself in the Axarquia region of the Costa del Sol. It’s very popular with foreign visitors thanks to its typical white walled houses and narrow cobbled streets. The village, although only being 5km from the sea and the well-known coastal town of Nerja, is surrounded by mountain peaks with much of the municipality lying within the Almijara mountain range, which forms part of a far larger natural park.

The village enjoys average yearly temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius despite being 430m above sea level thanks to the surrounding peaks which insulate the area from the cooler northern air, meaning that one of the best preserved Moorish villages can be visited throughout the year by tourists and is frequently used by the tourist board of Andalusia in promotional films and photo shoots.

One of the biggest events in the Frigiliana calendar is the three cultures festival which sees the focal areas of the village taken over by small market stalls, street performers and activities that reflect the cultures that have influenced Frigiliana throughout its history. By far the most popular aspect of this annual fiesta is the tapas route however the musical performances both wondering and those on the erected stage in the centre of town also draw the crowds to the3 to 4 day long festival.

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