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Launching and marketing your business on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is a wonderful place to live, with a fantastic climate, lots to do and a great lifestyle, however career opportunities can be limited, as there do not tend to be a lot of large companies recruiting. Instead there are many entrepreneurs who fall in love with the area and decide to create their own business, often bringing ideas, influences and investment from other parts of the world. These entrepreneurs are an excellent asset to the local community, but can struggle because they do not understand the unique business environment and challenges which the area poses.

To help budding business people Georgina Shaw of Shaw Marketing Services SL is running a special event on Wednesday 4th February in neli g’s café Benhavista to give her insight into the area, the challenges, but also the opportunities and specifically looking at how to promote a new business for maximum chances of success. Tickets can now be bought at neli g’s

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