The most talked about Event on the Coast so far this year!

The Ultimate Entrepreneur- The Fine Art of Total Business Success

Have you been feeling tired, confused, frustrated, uninspired, drained and depleted? Has your business been operating in the doldrums, far beneath its full potential? Are your sales and profits faltering and your financial obligations weighing you down?

Want to resolve all these challenges – quickly and easily? Simply awaken the all-knowing wisdom of “The Ultimate Entrepreneur” within you! You already know how to achieve this – perfectly!

On Wednesday 20th April starting at 6pm – 8pm at Restaurante Amapolo, C/Ortega y Gasset, Marbella Centro, Michael Bradford, in just a few hours, will show you how to turn your business and your personal life around – ensuring both your personal and financial success!

The only question is: Are you truly ready and willing to make a quantum leap in your business? Are you totally committed to increasing your profits – and having a better lifestyle? Are you ready to discover simple effective ways to make more profits – easier and quicker – while working less and playing more? Are you ready to allow yourself to experience PERFECT FLOW and to have ALL the wonderful gifts you truly deserve?

Imagine how different your life will be when you have an abundance of courage, confidence and strong positive energy every day – when your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy is crystal clear. When your Intuition supports and enhances your Intellect. Michael will demonstrate ways to tune into your intuition and to clear your energy!

Imagine intuitively knowing ahead of time, which clients will buy and which ones are time wasters. Imagine instantly knowing which projects will be successful and which investments will be profitable – and which ones will be losers! How much is information like this worth to you? It is priceless! Michael can access this information in seconds – even on the phone!

If you are totally committed to exponentially improving your business, your profits and enhancing your personal life, then this Talk and Demonstration is perfect for you!

About Michael –

Michael Bradford, CEO of The Intuitive Advantage, Ltd (London), has a Masters Degree in International Management and over 25 years of top corporate experience. Responding to an inner calling, Michael walked away from the corporate world in 1979 and started a spiritual journey that lead him to every state in the USA and to 50 countries. On this quest for self-healing and self-discovery, Michael met with hundreds of medicine people, healers, therapists, shamans, psychics and spiritual teachers. He has published two books and holds master certificates in NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki and more. You will gain the benefit of his worldwide quest.

By the way, Michael accurately predicted the housing market crash a year in advance, the stock market crash 9 months in advance and has assisted both Royalty and some of the richest entrepreneurs in the world! Watching him instantly pinpoint the exact root cause of a person’s challenges – and then clearing the person – is utterly amazing!

Michael will assist you to learn to clear your energy, to heal and to open your awareness to higher levels of consciousness – to new possibilities. You will have the opportunity to transform the way you look at yourself, your life, your health, your happiness, your business and your finances.

There will be a full house for this Talk & Demonstration! Bookings taken in advance by ticket only.

This is a special night of abundance – The parking is FREE! Amapola Restaurante will pay for your car parking in Plaza del Mar. Just keep your ticket and ask Heidi at the Restaurante to cover the bill. The Restaurante are also offering a special menu for CBC at 8pm for those wanting to try out this new International venue. Michael will be joining us for dinner!

Talk and Demonstration: 20 euros/15 euros CBC Members
Dinner: 20 euros/15 euros CBC Members
Michael will be joining us for dinner!

You can watch Michael Bradford on YouTube under “Michael Bradford Intuition

Quote from Sandra E “On a personal note: In just a few short skype conversations with Michael, he is already changing my health – my business – and my life! There is no messing about with Michael – He goes directly to the core! This guy is truly amazing!”

Michael will be available for only 6 Private Consultations – Contact him directly on <> for a private session, coaching & mentorship. CBC Members receive a 10% discount and priority booking.

Guarantee your place – Book Today – Tickets available today for this special one time Event. This is the event that you have been waiting for – It just may change your life – forever!

Email <> or call today! 634 364 131.

With kind regards,
Sandra Europe & the CBC Team