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Speed networking is a new concept of networking and a much more structured approach to traditional business networking events. During a 2 hour event you will have a series of 1-2-1 “mini-meetings” with at least 15-20 business professionals. Each meeting lasts approx. 6-8 minutes with each person getting 3-4 minutes to speak about their respective businesses. The event host will call time and you then move onto your next meeting. In this way you can quickly learn about other individuals and their businesses and establish whether pursuing a business relationship would be beneficial.

Speed networking is an efficient and cost effective way to promote your business face-to-face, build new business to business relationships and increase your client base.

What people say:

How could one possibly have a useful business conversation in only 3 or 4 minutes?? But after just one exchange I was hooked. At my first meeting I spoke to 14 other business people. From those 14 I made 6 follow up appointments there and then!
Not only did I get my message across and increased my sales, but I made strong business friends too. I now cannot envisage a more profitable way to spend 2 hours or so than at a Business Club, Speed Networking meeting. By the way when is the next one? Count me in!” P.B

I was so happy to see people want to approach me to meet me and advertise in the magazine. I feel that it is all part of brand awareness and both networking and advertising have their place and can work very well side by side. If all goes to plan from the new contacts I made today and I can close the business, then it should be one of the most succesful days for me financially ever. Thank you for inviting me. S.M.

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Come and try it.. Its the way forward with business networking for busy people in Spain.

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