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Charity And Pleasure / Caridad y Placer

Registro Provincial de Asociaciones Nº 4991

CAP is a social, non-profit organisation based in El Paraiso, Estepona. Our members are, in the main, non-Spanish and either live in Spain permanently or own a property here and visit regularly during the year.

We meet at 11 a.m. each Wednesday morning at El Paraiso Country Club for coffee; our weekly activities include Chicago bridge, whist, bowls, and Spanish lessons for beginners. Other events and activities include occasional shopping trips to Gibraltar, visits to the theatre and exhibitions, lunches and dinners at different venues along the coast, mystery trips etc. A full programme is detailed in our free quarterly magazine and is regularly updated on our website.

Apart from enjoying ourselves we raise money for local charities, mainly Aprona/Elliot George Foundation, Aspandem and Cudeca.

New members are welcome; our membership fee is only €15 per annum. If you would like to join our friendly group why not come along for coffee? You will be assured of a warm welcome.
You can read our club rules and print a membership application form here

Asociación Charity and Pleasure
El Paraiso Country Club
Crtra. Cádiz Km 167
Urb. El Paraiso
29688 Estepona, Málaga, Spain

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