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Why buy a reconditioned laptop? by Matthew Gomis of Recon

• Planning on buying a new laptop? If so, there are many reasons why you should consider buying a reconditioned unit. Reconditioned laptops have gone through extensive testing and reconditioning procedures by top UK specialists.

• If you’re surfing the internet, checking emails, using Skype, writing letters, spreadsheets, slide-show presentations, downloading and playing music, making music CD’s, watching movies, managing digital camera photos, online banking, small business use, then all our Reconditioned Laptops will easily perform the above tasks.

• Most current software does not actually need the type of specification found on brand new laptops. Computer manufactures move so fast in a race to “out-perform” each other that software developers can’t keep up! Most current programs will run on a computer up to 4 times less powerful than current models, so all those over-inflated specifications are quite simply “overkill” for most of us.

• This means that it’s probably completely unnecessary for you to spend 500 – 600 Euros on a brand new laptop as we can supply a top brand Reconditioned Laptop that will do everything you need from between 275 – 295 Euros.

• Reconditioned Laptops are generally not the “low end” home-user based laptops that you typically see advertised in the local media. Reconditioned Laptops are almost always business-user laptops originating from major corporations at the end of the product’s lease. Business laptops have parts available even long after the original warranty expires. Their build quality tends to be considerably higher than home-user laptops as they’re based on “proven reliability” long duration components.

• Business laptops are much more expensive than home laptops when new, so you’re acquiring a much higher quality product for a fraction of the price. But better still, when you come to sell your Reconditioned Laptop, you will only lose a tiny amount, typically 50 – 100 Euros in 2 years, compared to 200 – 300 Euros loss on a new home-user laptop!

• Years of experience have shown us that failure contingency rates are in fact lower on Reconditioned Laptops than on brand new home-user laptops! Why do you think we stopped supplying new laptops?

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