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Baby massage: Learn to understand each other.

Parents often tell me they find it difficult to find balance after the baby is born. They feel constantly occupied with the daily routine, but they miss the feeling that they are really bonding. Baby massage is a natural way to communicate with your baby. By massaging your baby you learn to know each other better and in a conscious and loving way you create an intense bond with your baby, it offers peace and relaxation.

The main effects of Shantala baby massage is that the bond between you and your baby is strengthened and that you learn to understand his / her body language. In the first months, body language is the only language the baby knows. Massage has a calming effect on the entire organism. The sense of touch is developed, so that the baby learns to respond with confidence and gentleness. This confidence is a good basis for building a strong relationship.

By regularly massaging your baby, you promote relaxation and a more regular sleep pattern, it improves digestion, encourages adaptation and improved intelligence. It also minimizes the effects of colic, constipation and facilitates bonding between parent and baby.

The massage has a significant influence on hormone production. There is a decrease in the amount of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. In addition, a rise in the hormone oxytocin. This hormone plays an important role in feelings of tenderness and bondage.

It can also be extremely worthwhile and useful if you have a baby that cries a lot, is not growing, is hyperactive, was born prematurely, have a disability, can not relax properly or does not like to be touched.

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“Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant, food as necessary as minerals, vitamins and proteins!” Dr. Frederick Leboyer

Shantala Care provides quality, comfort, convenience and relaxation for all parents and parents to be who wish to learn this technique. Besides learning the massage technique, massage to relief colic, gas and constipation, you will receive information and advice to support the baby´s development and you will learn to understand your baby´s body language, as well as the use of specific oils. Classes are available for pregnant woman or newly parents and are given in the comfort of your home.

“And by giving them the best of ourselves, we get unconditional love back.”

And now you can also offer originality and health with our Shantala Care gift voucher for christmas, pregnancy, birth, baptism, birthday,…. or simply to surprise someone! A Shantala baby massage course is a wonderful present to young parents or mothers to be! We now give you a 15% discount on the baby massage course and any gift-vouchers before the end of 2011 !!

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