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Right Mind Solutions

Right Mind Solutions delivers results using ‘deep mind’ success performance coaching and training for individuals, corporate directors and corporate teams. The mission of Right Mind Solutions, and a passion of Les Meehan, is to journey with you as you work to realise your dreams, convert your challenges into successes, and tap into and develop your inner resources.

My experience with many people has demonstrated time and again that ‘achievement/success’, in whatever form that takes for you, is more often hindered by what is inside you rather than what is in the external world. My ‘deep mind’ coaching is focused on identifying and resolving these unconscious ‘success inhibitors’ that have developed during your life and they are now holding you back! My training for businesses also includes ‘deep mind’ techniques for sales teams, career development, promotion and advancement, and team ‘success’ support.

My ‘deep mind’ coaching and training is something that is best experienced rather than explained so now contact me to begin your or your team’s unique journey of ‘Tapping Your Potential’.


Tel: +34 952 717 621

Mobile: +34 691 614 245

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