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As an existing company many of you already have your logo designed …but how many of you have it as a Vector format? …’a what?’ many of you may ask!!!

Well, a lot of ’designers’ only design their clients logo in photoshop …and nowadays, usually only in low resolution suitable for web use. But when it comes to the time you want to use it in any printed marketing materials, you will find out that the nice low resolution logo which looks good on your website is no longer that great when enlarged for print use.

Photoshop images are made up of square pixels, so when the logo is enlarged the pixels enlarge too making the image look horrible, blurry and not nice to look at …not something you want when trying to make a good impression.

On the other hand, when designed in a Vector format, no pixels are used and so the logo can be enlarged to whatever size you want (even 100 feet high) with no loss of quality whatsoever.

So have a look at your logo …does it need some TLC? …if so send it to me and I will give you a competitive quote for redrawing it as a Vector image.

Give your company the facelift it deserves, its not as painful as you think.

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