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OptimaSit consists of Online Marketing experts as well as developers of a multitude of technologies (WordPress, Joomla, PHP, mySQL,…) of classic web and mobile web. Our marketing focus comes first and translates in marketing-ready websites. We help you to develop your Campaigns of Marketing Online that are more extensive than placing posts on Facebook or Twitter. Our holistic approach of marketing your business online takes place in our Marbella office, yet our Team is located in several countries around the world and thus we provide a true multi-lingual Social Media Service to reach many more people who see your viral marketing and who don’t see it as advertising. Another distinguishing factor is that we build solutions compatible and optimised for all types of platforms and devices.

Services: marketing & technology consulting, website development (classic and mobile web), search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid online marketing, hosting of websites, systems integration, design of corporate identity and websites.

Mobile Web (Web Apps): since 2011 we were the first to offer mobile Web solutions in the South of Spain. Our clients are in all possible industries (Da Bruno, Residencia Estates, Trocadero Arena, Golf El Chaparral, Hansa Realty, Deseos Florist, Real Club Padel Marbella, Los Naranjos Golf, Suncoaster Holidays, Amrein Fischer, Ocean Clinic…).

Facts about Mobile Web (official data from Google 2012):

More than 60% of all Google searches originate from mobile devices.
70% of all mobile visitors to a website that is not adapted for mobiles abandon the page within seconds, never return and will never recommend the business to anyone.

Of all people who find the information they look for in Web pages adapted for mobiles, 35% contacts the business by phone, email or visit the business in person. In PC those same people who find what they look for, only 2% of them act/contact the business.
From Day One, having a version adapted to mobiles can increase a business’ relevant contact with potential clients by 21%.
Companies who do not make Mobile their main marketing strategy, will be out of business within 2 years.
The investment cost in Mobile Web is by far inferior to the Classic Web (PC).

Ask us for a free consultation; we’d be happy to assist you in Spanish, English, French y Dutch

(+34) 628 192 075

Skype: visions4real



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