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Wouldn’t you rather spend money on fun things instead of heating the water in your house?

Our Thermodynamic panels heats water up to 55°C in any weather, day or night, 365 days a year and have no need for direct sunshine – So, how is this possible?

The panels contain natural refrigerant, a harmless and amazing liquid which evaporates at very low temperatures. Once the liquid inside the panel has evaporated, the temperature of the resulting gas is greatly increased by compressing it. This hot gas is then used to heat your water to a lovely hot 55°C (just the same as your regular boiler). And, believe it or not, just one panel can provide a family of 5 with all the hot water they will ever need for as little as 10€ per month!


You will find more information on our webpage or call us;

+44 (0) 203 4718 666 (English)
+46 701 495 570 (Swedish)


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