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Meet the Wizard that is Joe Bayley Furniture

Our redecoration services have transformed many tired looking kitchens. Using over 20 years of training and experience we are able to give the customer a new kitchen for a fraction of the price it would cost to buy another one.

With a combination of sprayed finishes and hand-painting, tired and old kitchens can be made to look fresh and exciting. The service we provide is personal and tailored to customer requirements. We can prepare any surface to be painted, and are also able to carry out minor repairs.

All the paints used are eco-friendly, modern water-based paints with a high durability, and are not malodorous when being applied.

Many people have seen the benefit of keeping a kitchen which they both like and enjoy using, but which simply needs a facelift. We can incorporate mixed pieces, the old with any new additions so no one would know they had not been bought together. Fresh inspiration bought about with a combination of colour, new worktops and handles.

You can give your kitchen the “wow” factor with the minimum of fuss, call now.

…NOT JUST KITCHENS, this service applies to bedrooms, bathrooms and all free standing furniture.

“From Inspiration to Installation”

952 377 122 – 639 727 188

……or visit our website for further details.

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