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Do you understand Spanish Insurance?

EU Insurance have just celebrated their 10th year anniversary in Spain and would like to point out some very valuable facts about how insurance differs between Spain and the UK.

Health Insurance in Spain

Make sure you are adequately covered. Spain changed their rules last September and 1000s of people do not now fall into the category for ‘free’ healthcare anymore. Even holidaymakers have fallen foul of the system more recently where card machines have been installed in many of the coast’s hospitals as more and more refuse the European Health Card. It is always wise to take out Travel Insurance if you don’t live here and more importantly to take out private health insurance if you do. EU Insurance offer excellent competitive insurance up to the age of 69 for private health cover and no age limit for Travel as long as a trip is no more than 31 days. They can cover from the UK as well as Spain.

Differences from the UK – Language would be the most important. Most private hospitals have multi lingual staff and interpreters on request. The majority of plans’ members have to seek medical advice from a specific network of hospitals and clinics, although plans offering freedom of choice are also offered but are more expensive.

Home Insurance in Spain

Protection against fire, flood, and theft including all risk jewelry outside the home can be covered at competitive costs including documents and claims in English. Options to suit every budget with or without excesses. EU Insurance is also able to offer subsidence and landslip cover from certain underwriters.

Differences from the UK -Most Spanish Insurances do not normally include subsidence or landslip within their policies mainly due to the types of build and workmanship. A certain level of cover is provided under the Consorcio which is the Government based scheme which is paid for out of the insurance premium but there are limits to what they would pay in the event of a claim and the claims are restricted to your own residence. They will not normally pay if the property is a holiday or rented home. It is a scheme for severe hardship in the event of such a trauma.

Car Insurance in Spain

Cover is offered for fully comprehensive covers, 3rd party fire and theft and 3rd party basic cover. The cover includes European Roadside Recovery, some include protected no claims and a courtesy car in the event of accident as standard alongside windows and several other benefits. Prices extremely competitive compared to the UK as well as the inclusive benefits.

Difference from the UK -In Spain it is the car that is insured and therefore normally unless specified allows others to drive your car with your permission. In the UK it is the driver that is insured and therefore any additional drivers would need to be named. Therefore if you have car insurance in Spain it isn’t transferable to a car in the UK. In Spain we can also cover UK and Spanish registered cars, in the UK it is impossible to cover any registration other than British.

Commercial Insurance in Spain

From Bars to offices to restaurants to self-employed businesses EU Insurance are able to offer all types of cover from renting or owning premises, for liability and contents, for fire, flood or water damage. Benefits cover if after a claim the premises needs repair (daily rate) and many other options which can be added.

Difference from the UK – Main difference is the liability cover. In Spain the usual liability cover is 300,000 euros. In the UK the normal is 1-5 million plus. Spain have a long way to catch up to this amount of liability although liability of more than 300,000 can be offered, you would need to ask.

Pet Insurance in Spain

Pet insurance in Spain works similarly as in the UK. EU Insurance offer cover with freedom of choice to use any vet, you pay up front and claim it back and other companies which offer cover for specific vets where you have a medical card for your pet with no upfront payment.

Difference from the UK – Liability for dangerous dogs in Spain is strict. Alongside a doctor’s report of the owner’s state of mind and dangerous dog liability insurance is the minimum necessary in Spain. Hefty fines are levied if you do not have insurance.

Travel Insurance in Spain

If you live and reside in Spain most of the year you have to have a policy which starts from Spain and returns to Spain. Many people take out cheap insurance over the net but don’t realise that these companies assume you live and reside in the UK. In the event of a claim, it will be null and void.

Difference from the UK – Repatriation cover. If you live or reside in Spain you will be brought back to Spain in the unfortunate event this is necessary. If you live mainly in the UK then the cover has to start in the UK and return back to the UK, therefore repatriation would return a client there.

Claims in Spain

It is always difficult if you don’t speak the language and need to make a claim on your insurance. The companies that EU Insurance deals with have multi lingual services and EU Insurance monitor claims themselves at the office. In the event of theft if is necessary to provide the Insurance Company with a Police Report. A number to keep is the Spanish Claims line number where instead of having to visit the police station, you can call it and make a report in English (and in many other languages actually).The all-important number is 902 102 112.

Some general useful information is below:-

Crimes and circumstances that can be reported to the Police over the phone:

Theft with violence and larceny
Breaking into cars / stores / houses.
Documents and/or belongings
Robberies (bag snatching) Petty larceny (pick-pocketing)
Swindles/ frauds Damage to property (house, car…)
Loss of documents/ effects.
Objects recoveries.
Documents and or belongings

Once the report has been lodged by a telephone call, and if the complainant agrees with its content, it must be signed at the closest National Police Station within the following 48 hours. Telephone Reports take precedence over those made at the Police Station. This would seem a simpler process for ex-pats. The number provides assistance in many languages. Costs of calls to this number are between 15 – 25 cents a minute but considerably less than having to pay for an interpreter.

EU Insurance prides themselves in giving the best advice combined with competitive quotes and an excellent service to clients. If you have a renewal due or need advice, call or send them an email or visit the website for a friendly and helpful service in English. Or visit their office in Elviria.

Tels: 0034 95 283 0843/676 098 464

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