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Want to Pay little or no inheritance tax?

From EU Insurance Direct

One of the many financial burdens we have if we own property in Spain is Inheritance Tax (IHT).  How much is your IHT?     It is different if you are married and doubles if you are in a partnership.  There is a way of mitigating IHT by taking out a life insurance policy.  Depending on the amount of liability it can cost as little as 95 euros a year for a male aged 40 to cover 50,000 life cover and 65 euros a year for a female.   However a new EU Directive for Spain comes into force on December 16th which states that the differences in costs for male and female are changing.   Females have generally enjoyed much lower rates than males but from 16th December female rates will rise in line with male rates.    If a female take out life insurance before 16th December, it will not only be cheaper but will keep the same reduced rates throughout the term of the policy.
If you are interested in getting a draft quote on what your expected IHT liability could be and how much it would cost to mitigate it, call us or send an email.  As mentioned females taking out a life insurance policy before 16th December would result in lower rates throughout the term of the policy.


Still offering amazing premiums for car and home insurance with the offer of 50 euros cashback for new clients who take out fully comprehensive car insurance over 450 euros a year or a home insurance more than 250 euros.   Cover for cars include protected no claims bonus, courtesy car in the event of accident up to 35 days and replacement car in the event of malfunction if vehicle takes longer than 7 days to repair.   European Breakdown, annual green card, windows, English documentation comes as standard.  Premiums need to be paid by direct debit through a Spanish Bank account to qualify for the cashback.

We can offer fully comprehensive cover from 260 euros a year (depending on vehicle type) and 3rd party basic cover under 200 euros but still inclusive of the above benefits.

Have a renewal coming up?  Give us a call today to qualify for the 50 euros cashback and to get excellent covers.


We have had many calls from clients recently who have received on the spot fines from the Traffic Police.  Some of them included a client who was stopped by the roadside to be told he hadn’t positioned the car in the correct manner to turn right???  The road that he turned out of had no road markings!!!   Another was flagged down and was told that he didn’t stop at a zebra crossing  to let people cross, the client said there was no one waiting to cross!!!  Another who was stopped and had his documents checked only to be told that his UK (European) driving licence was illegal and as he was driving a Spanish registered car he needed to change his licence to Spanish!   Right or wrong? -if you have a UK card type European Licence, you don’t have to change it to Spanish but you should register it with Tráfico.   They will give you a certificate confirming that the licence has been registered in Tráfico and permission to drive using the UK Licence.  It does however appear that the police are trying everything to collect revenues and will stop at nothing to dish out fines, so be aware and be careful!

For further details of the above please call EU Insurance Direct

on 952830843 or mobile 676098464



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