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Well if there was ever a better time to take out any new insurance policy, whether it be for a new car or the house, it must be now!!! With Christmas approaching and everything looking for a bargain we have offers on till the end of the year for all new policies for cars and home!!!!

Any new car policy over 400 euros taken out between now and December 2014 could receive 50 euros cashback if paid through Spanish bank account.   If paid by card or cash then 20 euros petrol voucher awarded.   Any new home insurance – everyone is a winner!   50 euros cashback if paid through a bank account when the new policy is over 225 euros or 20 euros if under 225. If the premium doesn’t go through a Spanish bank account you will be awarded a 25 euros El Corte Ingles voucher.  For the best covers and competitive prices we won’t be beaten!!!

So if you have been thinking of changing your insurance, these offers are available until the end of the year. Offers available through certain provider only.

BEWARE OF TRAFFIC POLICE….   As we are roller coasting to Xmas I believe many of our traffic police are after their bonuses….   On the Costa around Mijas Costa and Marbella there have been several road blocks checking not only for current insurance but for ITVs.  Check that yours is in date!  Many fines dished out I am sure.    It can take anything up to 3 weeks to book your ITV but as long as you have your booking reference or a copy of your appointment, I am told you will be fine!

Subsidence and Landslip
Did you know that we can now offer Subsidence cover through Liberty Seguros?   Liberty offer 3 different options of cover Basic, Plus and Premium.  We can confirm that if you need subsidence cover we can cover under the Premium option with Liberty, if you are worried about subsidence and your current insurer doesn’t cover let us know, we can quote (Spanish insurance do not cover subsidence….normally!).   We can also cover all risks for jewellery and ipads, phones etc  outside the home under your home insurance.

Golf Insurance
Did you know we can offer amazing Golf Policies covering liability,, theft of golf clubs for as little as 43 euros a year!!! Cover includes Worldwide cover!!!

Mobility Scooters
Did you know that we can now offer liability for Mobility Scooters for as little as 60 euros a year as part of your home insurance package.

Dangerous Dog Liability
Did you know that we can offer liability for dangerous dogs as part of your home insurance for as little as around 20 euros extra per year.

Stage Payments
Wherever possible we can offer stage payments for insurances (depending on the premium) but we are can sometimes offer payments over 2, 3, 4 or 6 months depending on cover and cost. If you are struggling with your premiums let us know and we may be able to help (minimum premium applies).

*Conditions for Cashbacks and vouchers:
Policies must be new, not a replacement and be taken out through certain provider.
For all your insurance needs in English and for a helpful, courteous service trying to make your insurance simple call Wendy Codd at EU Insurance Direct:

952 830 843 /  676 098 464

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