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Windows 10

Windows 10 will soon be upon us. Many users are now seeing an upgrade option appearing in the lower right of their screen. This offers to upgrade or reserve a copy of Windows 10 for the July release. Should you follow up this offer? NO. Firstly if you want to reserve your free copy, fine go ahead. but don’t be the among the first to get the new version of Windows as always there will be bugs in it. Actually you have one full year to claim your free upgrade so what’s the rush? Remember too that it is just an upgrade not a full version. Once upgraded you may have the option to download a full ISO file (this is the file that makes a CD disk). However it’s best to be cautious and realise that Microsoft have rarely released a version of Windows that wasn’t fraught with issues on first release. In summary, anyone who has a genuine copy of Windows 7 or 8 will be entitled to this free upgrade for the first year. Whether you want to jump quickly into it is another matter.

Dave Walkiden 20+ years on the coast.

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