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2 new threats to be wary of warns Dave Walkiden of Dave’s Computer Helpline

• If you get a phone call from someone saying they are from Microsoft and that your PC is infected and they need to scan your system to fix the problem, beware this is a scam –just put the phone down. The caller may even legitimise their information by telling you which version of Windows you have and even give you the serial number of your Windows product (as shown on the Windows label). This is a clever scam and you are pressured to pay them at least $40 by your credit card for the ‘service’. The caller can be very aggressive and tell you that your machine will be ‘locked’ and you will no longer be able to use it if you don’t pay. All of this is a scam. Microsoft don’t have your phone number and NEVER call anyone.

• If you use online banking beware of a trick on your bank page (yes on your bank page!) that offers you ‘training in an upgraded security system’ –referring to the system of codes you may have to use either by way of a small calculator type machine or a card to generate security codes. Some bank sites have been hacked and this offer is a bogus one by some clever hackers. The scam only affects you if you follow the steps for the training. This is called a MitB attack (or Man in the Browser attack). The balances that are taken from your account as a result of this scam will not show on your screen on that occasion. If you stick to the bank standard way of working and avoid any training offers you will stay safe. For further information:

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