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Bypassing Windows 10 sign in screen

Does the request (above) to sign into your computer on start-up annoy you?

If so there’s an easy way to skip that screen completely.

It doesn’t do away with your password but it will skip asking you for it.

First of all bring up the RUN box by pressing the windows key (bottom left of keyboard like a flag) the type NETPLWIZ and click OK

pwremove (1)

The next screen just requires you to deselect the small box at the top marked ‘users must enter a username and password to use this computer’

Click OK and re-enter your current password when prompted. This is just to confirm you are authorized to make this change.

Click OK and you’re done. The next time you start up you won’t be prompted for your password unless you actually Sign Out.

NOTE: To revert back to the old login using a password just repeat these steps and tick the top box again

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