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Reset your Internet browser

Oftentimes when you have internet problems you may need to reset your internet browser (image above). Depending on the browser, the steps can vary. Whether you use Internet Explorer (poor you!), Chrome, Firefox or Opera etc., follow the steps below to do it.

What will happen if I reset my browser? In some case you will have to put in your preferred start page (Home page) but that’s easy and I will show you how.

Internet Explorer.

First go to Tools (small cog icon) then Internet Options. Next go to the Advanced tab and click on the RESET button. On the next screen confirm the RESET and when done a few seconds later click CLOSE. To put back your start page just go back into the Tools>Internet Options window and there you can type your preferred start page. Restart Internet Explorer.


Google Chrome

The Tools icon is represented by 3 horizontal lines. Click it and select Settings from the drop down menu. Now scroll right down the page and click Show Advanced Settings. The scroll right down again until you see the option to Reset Settings. Click that button.


Finally confirm the Reset option. Afterwards scroll all the way back to the top and you can retype your preferred start page by selecting the options shown here and then click each link to Change and type the page address there. Restart Chrome.



Firefox is a little different to the others. First look for the Help menu or press ALT+H on your keyboard to see the menu. Then click Troubleshooting Information. Next click Refresh Firefox, and finally confirm again to Refresh. Firefox will close. On restart to put back your preferred start page go to the tools icon (3 lines) and select Options. There on the left side you can type in your required start page. Restart Firefox.




This really is different. Close Opera if you have it open. Go to the Opera installation folder usually from the small yellow folder icon on your bottom bar then go to: C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\ and now delete the Operapref.ini file. Don’t worry this is quite OK. Once you delete that file and re-open Opera it will make a new file to replace the one you have deleted. This will then set Opera back to the state when you first installed it.

To re-establish your start page go to the Opera >Settings section as shown here for a full browser reset

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