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So, . . . tell me – what exactly is Tantra, by Amanda Jardine of Astartelife

This is a frequently uttered phrase when I am asked about what I do – and I tell them I am a qualified masseuse, but specialise in Tantra. It is often spoken in a hushed tone, with a certain air of embarrassment, and furtiveness, as many people are fascinated by the subject of Tantra, but are not sure how to find out more about it.

I have been studying, practising and working with Tantra for 4 years now, and it has made a significant difference to my life. Practising Tantric techniques on a regular basis can lead to a more centred way of life, a sense of connection with your physical self, and a deeper awareness of your senses. It can also help you to be conscious of, and able to manage the natural energy that we all have in our bodies, but which most of the time, we are not very aware of. Once you start to achieve this, you can gain a sense of well-being, and empowerment, which then raises your levels of confidence and improved self-awareness.

Oh, and yes – on the way, it can help improve your sex life too!

How to practice Tantra? Well there are a number of methods, including Meditations, Breathing techniques, Tantra Kriya Yoga and Massage. Tantra massage works specifically with the energy in the body, soothing and reawakening the sense of touch, and helping to move energy through the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, but also recharged.

I also offer a series of Tantra Seminars, covering a basic introduction to Tantric practice, suitable for men, women and couples.

For more detailed information on this subject, you can visit my website on Or call me, Amanda, on 669 894 550.

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