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The Benefits of Massage…by Amanda Jardine of AstarteLife

Many of us carry around long held tensions bought about by past emotional traumas, that lie buried deep in muscles which have been tense for so long, that they are almost unable to fully relax. This is known as ‘body armouring’ – remember when you were a child – you were told to ‘be quiet, don’t shout’ any temper tantrums may have been subdued, regardless of how frustrating it was.

In adult life, how many times have you ‘gritted your teeth’ and absorbed your feelings of annoyance? All these repressed emotions can be stored in the body in the form of layers of tense muscles similar to the layers of an onion and we are not aware of the build up over the years. Much of this tension is stored in the abdomen, and pelvic area – giving rise to the phrase ‘up tight – or tight-arse’. This can affect posture, leading to muscle strain and associated internal problems, but also prevents the natural flow of energy through the body, leaving us feeling sluggish and slow.

Through the medium of massage, you can start to release these tensions and, over time, to become more aware of your own body and thus able to consciously relax yourself, enabling a lower level of stress and tensions, and a general feeling of well being. For more information on massage and the benefits it brings, visit, or call Amanda on 669894550.

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