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Transition Towns Film Screening Series

The Transition Towns movement is a campaign to create more sustainable communities which reduce their carbon footprint, are less reliant on fossil fuels and equip people with the skills to respond to the changing circumstances which diminishing fossil fuels will cause. It encourages people to “Think globally and act locally” and take steps to limit fuel usage and environmental impact. As part of their objective to create a more sustainable society, Arboretum Marbella have organised a series of monthly film screenings about this global movement at FNAC, La Cañada.

The first screening took place on the 8th June, entitled “The Power of Community, How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”. The film detailed the challenges which Cuban people faced during their “Special Period” in 1990, when the collapse of the Soviet Union and US Sanctions left them with scarce fuel resources and led to wide spread power cuts and food shortages.

It illustrated that by working together and making simple changes in the way people lived and worked, they were able to overcome the crisis, whilst creating a more sustainable and healthier community.  Their changes included; implementing small scale sustainable agriculture in cities and towns, going back to low-energy farming techniques, using bikes and public transport rather than cars and using alternative energy sources to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

This crisis mimicked the Peak Oil problem which experts predict will start to affect both the price and availability of oil over the coming decades. It is a case study which can be followed to limit the impact of peak oil in the future and conserve fuel resources.

Visitors can learn more via Facebook /ArboretumMarbella



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