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AEPE – Las Lagunas

Asociación Española de Pinturas y Escultores.

Colectiva de Pintores malagueños

“El artista busca al Creador de toda belleza”

Malaga Artists Collective: ”The artist seeks the Creator of all beauty”

Expo: 18 Nov-11 Dec, 2011.

Imagen: 50 x 70 cm

Nombre: Roger Cummiskey

Titulo: Ventana, Mijas

Tecnica: Oleo

Precio: €500.00 (c. $ 700.00).

Ref.#: O39

Artist Biography

Roger Cummiskey is a Dublin watercolourist and full time professional painter living in south county Dublin and in southern Spain – Mijas Costa. He has developed a unique individual style. He specializes in paintings that take their themes and titles from the writings and wanderings of James Joyce, Samuel beckett, Miguel de Cervantes and other Literary and Historical personalities. This has come from a lifelong interest in trying to interpret in paintings what Joyce et al. so eloquently wrote.

Roger’s unique style and individual talent have won him international acclaim. His paintings hace been exhibited in China, UK, USA, Sweden, Spain, France, Australia and Italy as well as in numerous private, public and national exhibitions in Ireland. He has a large public and private appreciation of his art. His paintings have represented Ireland at the Florence Biennale, 2003 and also in London, Stockholm and New York during 2000.

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