This is Spain


This is Spain

All of us reading this are blessed with one sense that most of us take for granted; the gift of sight. There are many others less fortunate who are blind or only partly sighted who miss out on the beauty that surrounds us on the Costa Blanca.

Torrevieja has being making a name for itself in the Spanish community through their initiatives to help and assist those with disabilities. Their latest project was announced last week as an initiative undertaken by the Department of Tourism and ONCE. It’s a Torrevieja Guidebook in Braille, intended so that all blind tourists can have access to all sorts of information related to the city.

The City Council has realised that there are many people with disabilities who would like access to tourism, The City Council of Torrevieja, through various councils (such as the Department of Tourism), has been working hard on improving this dialectic between tourism and accessibility, all with one fundamental objective; MAKING TOURISM FOR ALL.

In line with the census of Braille readers in the city, a total of 40 guides 20 in Castilian braille system and another 20 braille in English have been produced, which will be distributed by the municipal tourism offices.

Keith Nicol

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