GoHost4U has been dedicated to supplying internet hosting and web site design services for more than 10 years. We are a small team of dedicated personnel who have been working in this industry since the early 80’s

Building on our reputation for service and dedication to its customers GoHost4U has always strived to provide the best service at a low price without compromise.

We work towards these simple principles:

Low Price
High Quality
Quick accurate support
Price guarantees

Most of our expertise has been gained through direct contact with the people who use our products. This way we can monitor what customers expect from us. We are always talking to our customers in an effort to improve our service. We welcome any ideas, criticisms or comments you have and would hope to utilise these in improving our service further.

All our servers are housed in UK dedicated data centres with the utmost attention being paid to ensuring our servers maintain uptime as close to 100% as possible. Secondly we are continuously updating our servers and internet connections as demand requires. This ensures your business is always online and functioning how it should be.

As your company requirements grow to can be assured that we can provide the solutions that are right for you.

We specialize in 3 main areas as follows:

1. Hosting and domain registrations

Our hosting prices are some of the lowest in the world like for like. Our hosting process start from just €1 per month and our specialist team of domain registrars can transfer, advise and order your domains with any extension you need.

2. Community Websites

We manage over 20 community websites in Spain. These sites are dedicated to the requirements of communities and follow strict rules regarding content and access. Manually monitored on a day by day basis we ensure these sites are up to date. We work directly with the president and administrator to upload AGM minutes and other official information as required by the community.

These sites provide up to date information about what is going on in the community as well as on line fee payment and virtual tours of the community.

3. Commercial and Private Website Design

A company, small business or even a private individual blog is becoming the norm these days. We believe everyone should have a presence on the web even if you are a small one man band. We provide sites from as little as €99 including hosting and domains with built in flexibility to expand to a fully functional site at very little cost.

Our designers work with you to capture your business personality and we try to reflect your business highly. This provides a professional look to your business and creates a platform for you to show off your company.

If you are looking for a more complicated site such as Intranet systems, online contact management, Enterprise Resource Management, data monitoring and data capture then we can handle that too.

For more information visit www.gohost4u.com or www.gohost4webdesign.com