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Established in 2003 Pacific Spain Invest has become one of the main legal law offices for conveyance and fiscal work in the Costa Blanca area. We have offices in order to serve our clients: In Elche and in Playa Flamenca (Orihuela Costa).


Buying a property in Spain can be a complicated matter when you are not familiar with the country’s culture, laws and approach to business…

Fiscal & Accounting Services

A new or an established business has to maintain an accounting report (journals) in accordance with the Spanish accountancy…

Fiscal Representation

Taxes affect each tax payers depending on one’s status of residency in Spain. Property owners who stay in Spain for more than six months within a year will be classified as residents however it will be advisable to obtain a fiscal certificate from the Hacienda or the tax office to confirm the residency for tax purposes.

Litigation & Legal

Litigation involves bringing or defending a claim in court and litigation becomes necessary if the other party is not in compliance with a contract and/or you are not in agreement on how the other party is resolving a dispute. Whether you are a resident in Spain or not and if you have a serious problem or dispute, you can be sure that PSI Consultants will guide you through your situation and we cover a wide range of services in this department.

Setting Up a Company

Setting up a business in Spain is simple with PSI Consultants. The business models to choose from are similar with other European countries and a wide range of possibilities are available to people interested in investing and living in Spain.


If you have financial assets or have purchased a property in Spain, it would be advisable to have a local Spanish Will in order to avoid complicated translations, further certifications and procedures for your family after your death.


At PSI Consultants we offer a range of insurance products.




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