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The Sea and Fishing Museum

If you’re interested in sea and fishing, or our local history, then the sea and fishing museum at Santa Pola is the place to go. It’s situated in the North Wing of the Castle of Santa Pola. A truly beautiful building of Renaissance style, which is currently being rebuilt for cultural activities…..but don’t let this put you off!
Many years ago Santa Pola was known as a small fishing village and the main source of income came from fishing. At the museum all activities are related to the sea, and the main message the museum is trying to underline, is the importance of fishing as a source of wealth for Santa Pola.

Everything in the museum is centred around the sea, and shows all perspectives of living as a fisherman including navigation, cartography, sea traditions, ship carpentry, the port, the religious cult, etc. The selection of resources derived by the sea are very interesting and are available to view.

All staff at the museum are very helpful and friendly and many speak really good English. Any questions or queries on archaeology, preservation, restoration and authentication you have, just ask! There is also a library specializing in Old History, Archaeology, Ethnography and navigation, with plenty of members of staff to help you.

The other services offered by the museum are: guided visits for groups of people (20max, you must call in advance though and it costs 9€), workshops for students and educational material for schools. Also don’t worry if you are disabled as the museum offers facilities including lifts and toilets. And be careful when taking photos as there are some restricted areas!

Courtesy ofDave Bull

Further information on the Museo del Mar website

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