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Business Group España (Sociedad Collectiva) is a professional business-to-consumer networking cooperative whose primary aim is to generate new business for its members through word-of-mouth marketing and referral business.

Word-of-Mouth is the oldest, best, most cost-effective way to build your business. BGE aims to create prosperous W-O-M based business for its members by developing a powerful, diverse network of contacts together with a positive message that’s delivered effectively. This is the blueprint that greatly enhances the ability to bring in quality business referrals.

What makes BGE unique is that it allows only one person from each profession to join. Once you’ve joined, you lock out your competitors giving your business an ‘edge’ in the market place. Being a member of BGE is like having a team of sales people working for you. Members carry a card wallet with everyone’s business card in it. When they meet someone who requires a product or service, members provided a referral to fill that need. All professions are fully legal and registered to trade in Spain, so you can recommend other members with confidence.

We are a coalition of businesses – through mutual support we help each other get more business by giving each other referrals. Together with our interactive web site and one stop telephone service, BGE is a very attractive marketing tool for anyone looking to increase their business. Our aim is to become a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for the consumer.

BGE is owned, administered and run by the members. All the monetary profit made by the group is invested into advertising, public relations, training and support in order to generate new business for the members.

Weekly Meetings

BGE meet weekly for the primary purpose of exchanging referrals. A structured agenda together with effective policies developed by BGE help maximize the business passed between the members. Members have the opportunity to present their businesses with brief 1-minute presentations. A 10-minute presentation is also available on a Rota basis.

Visitors interested in joining BGE have the opportunity to present their services or product to the group. Visitors have the opportunity to attend two meetings before being asked to make a decision whether or not to join.

Guests who may require the services and products provided by BGE (but not wanting to join the group), i.e. Presidents of Urbanisations, Property Management Companies, Real Estate Groups, etc. are invited from time to time for the benefit of both party’s.

What are the membership fees?

The initial registration fee is €50, payable once only. The membership fee is €250, payable annually. A weekly fee of €10 is payable at the weekly meetings, which is also payable if the member is absent. Members maybe asked for further investment from time to time for special projects involving advertising and public relation campaigns.

What do I get for my money?

  1. Potential for a significant amount and increase of new business.
  2. Opportunity to develop a powerful, diverse network of contacts that can be built into long term business relationships.
  3. Practical advice on marketing one’s service or product with a positive message, delivered effectively.
  4. Developing word-of-mouth marketing to bring you referrals.

Any one of the above benefits, fully utilized by a member, far outweighs the monetary investment for BGE membership. Most businesses advertise and we would never suggest stop advertising, however, compare the value between advertising and word-of-mouth marketing. Being a member of BGE is like having dozens of sales people marketing your service or product every day. The fees collected by BGE are distributed approximately as follows;

A – Business Advertising

Your business advertised and marketed through our Web Site and One-Stop Shop.

B – Group Marketing:

Group advertising and sponsorship, Visitor Information Packs, leaflets, badges, pens, invitation cards, periodic press releases, P.R. campaigns, website management.

C – Group Support

Manuals and training material, Network library, administration and expenses, Members Packs includes business card folder, general and administrative policies, referral triplicate book, visitor invitation cards, vinyl card holder, member’s pin, Dr. Ivan R. Misner’s book ‘The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret’

The BGE Masterplan

BGE is designed and established to build strong long-term business relationships, which will ultimately create a basis for trust, goodwill and referral business.

Success in networking means you need to have a positive attitude and to be a supportive member. This requires commitment from each member towards their fellow members and a pro-active involvement within the group. It’s not called ‘NET-SIT’ or ‘NET-NOT’ it’s called ‘NET-WORK’. All the members are dedicated business people who want to build prosperous Word-of-Mouth-based business.

The philosophy of BGE is based on the Notable Networkers belief of Givers Gain – simply put, if I give you business, you will want to give me business.

If word-of-mouth and referral business is an important part of your business then Business Group España is definitely the organisation for YOU!

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