Learn Spanish via Skype

Spanish classes with Profemark involve one to one lessons over skype, using the video conferencing and the instant message service. The Spanish lessons are fun and very interactive, with constant verbal and written communication between student and teacher. The Spanish classes focus on pronunciation, whilst addressing grammar points within popular topic areas. Learners receive a preview of the material to be covered during the lesson and also a post lesson summary. The only things the learner requires are an internet connection and an electronic device that is compatible with skype (computer, laptop, iPad, smartphone etc.).

There are a lot of ways to learn Spanish and a lot of different opinions on which ways are best. The advantages of one-on-one learning via skype are the following:
*The pace of the lessons is set directly by the learner, and not based on the average level of the students in a group class
*The topics covered in the lesson can be chosen by the learner, depending on their interests
*The learner has the undivided attention of the teacher at all times
*There is continual feedback that you would not receive from home study courses such as CDs or books
*More emphasis is placed on verbal communication
*The learner can take the lesson from wherever is most comfortable and convenient
*It is more cost effective as the teacher and student do not have any travelling costs
*The lessons can be purchased as required, so there is no requirement for a large one off financial commitment.

Learning Spanish with Profemark

I was named Profemark by the students at a bilingual school where I have taught for the last three years. My actual name is Mark Richmond and profe is the shortened version of profesor (teacher in Spanish). I am British and have been learning and more recently teaching Spanish, for over ten years, whilst living in Spain and Guatemala. During this time it became apparent that certain students prefer to learn a language with a teacher who has the same first language, and has been through the same learning process. I have a qualification in teaching foreign languages. With the advances in technology I am now in a position to teach Spanish to English speakers around the world (that would like to learn Spanish).

I believe that my style of teaching is suited to beginners and intermediate learners for the following reasons:
*Vast experience in teaching students of all ages and learning styles
*Ability to teach the Spanish and Latin American dialects
*Strategies to overcome the difficult concepts (I have gone through the same learning process)
*Recognition of student’s learning styles and tailoring learning materials accordingly
*Explanations concerning grammar are clear (unlike many native speakers)
*Lessons are fun with dynamic learning activities
*Personal attention given in between lessons via email and other messaging services
*Constant review to ensure that the knowledge is retained


My objective is to improve the Spanish of my students in a fast, efficient and fun way. However the aims of the learners vary immensely I currently teach:
*Individuals who wish to improve their conversational Spanish
*Students studying GCSE and A level Spanish
*Complete beginners
I believe that learners advance quicker with a higher frequency of lessons but there is no fixed timetable. However I do recommend a minimum of one lesson a week for optimal learning with additional time devoted to self-study.

The lessons are available from anytime between 2pm and 11pm Monday to Friday which are organised via email

The best way is to find out whether this method of learning of Spanish suits you, is to do a 30 minute “taster lesson” for free. In this way the student can find out what to expect, before making any financial commitment. I am also able to make an assessment of the student’s level of Spanish and preferred learning style.

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