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Julie Day

Julie Publishes Her First Book

Julie Day is perhaps best known as one of the original writers for the important website about Spain On the Pulse. She has been working for the site for two years producing great articles about life in Spain. She has also been involved in reporting news stories for local newspapers and websites for about ten years.

But now, Julie is pleased to announce that she has just published her first book – which actually has nothing to do with the news and is based on a deeply personal life experience.

Time Does Heal is a collection of 30 poems that Julie began to write in July this year when the relationship she had been in for the previous 14 months abruptly ended.

“I’d never been heartbroken before and can’t believe how utterly devastated I felt when this perfect relationship fell apart from one day to the next. I know that everyone goes through this at least once in their lifetime, but I didn’t realise how devastating it can be.”

After a month of crying and barely functioning, Julie began to write down her thoughts and emotions in the form of simple rhymes and poems. Within two months she had written a total of 30 and noticed how, as her confidence and happiness returned, this came through in her writing.

Through the poems Julie describes how she coped with the feelings of despair, anguish, loneliness, self-doubt and all the other negative emotions associated with this type of pain, and how she endured them until the end when she was then able to accept the situation and move on.

By the end of the book, the poems had taken on a completely different tone once she was able to let go and view the situation in a more positive light.

“While this was such a painful experience, it is probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, but only because I dealt with my emotions head-on and took steps to creating a different life. I’m actually really glad that I’ve gone through this now because I feel so much stronger, calmer and self-assured as a person, and have so much hope and positivity towards the future. When the relationship ended I didn’t know what to do. I thought I’d never go out again and never be happy. Now my life has changed a lot and I’ve even published a book!”

Julie has put the book together herself and has self-published through Createspace and Amazon. She wrote the poems, designed the front and back cover and took every single photo contained within. Each poem is accompanied by a carefully selected black and white photograph taken by the writer in her free time spent in nature.

If you are interested in reading more about Time Does Heal, type in the title and Julie Day into the search browser on or or copy and paste this link into your browser and it will take you to the Amazon page.

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