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Going Native by Jane Cronin

My favourite book about Spain and a superb way to get a glimpse into Spain and the Spanish people is Jane Cronin’s “Going Native”

If you only read one book about Spain, make sure it is this easy-too-read, difficult-to-put-down bestseller.

Going Native is a professionally-presented e-book containing 37 short chapters about different aspects of Spanish life and language. Written by language teacher Jane Cronin, Going Native will bring the life and language of Spain home to you in an entirely new way. Its light-hearted style will strike a chord with all ages, and will inspire you with the confidence you need to practise your Spanish next time you visit. Going Native is about discovering Spain and learning Spanish, but it’s also about much, much more than that. Going Native explains all those little everyday things that happen in Spain that you’ve never quite understood. It is full of fascinating observations on the way things are done and is overflowing with tips on how to break through the language barrier and start communicating with the people around you. The book is delightfully illustrated by humorous drawings from the artist Eva Gold Young.

Notes from the author

This book contains a collection of articles about learning Spanish for real-life situations. The articles are full of light-hearted anecdotes about my own experiences, and are designed to help you build your confidence and at the same time expand your knowledge about Spanish life and culture.

Each article covers a different topic, ranging from descriptions of Spanish family life, routines, attitudes and customs, to tips about dealing with bureaucratic and commercial situations. There are also short cuts to help you make everyday conversation with Spanish neighbours and friends and some simple explanations about aspects of the language that are inclined to scare people off.

The book started life as a series of short radio talks, which were then transformed into weekly newspaper articles. As these seemed to strike a chord with a lot of listeners and readers the idea occurred to me to put them together into a book for the benefit of a wider audience.

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