Dolores Cummiskey - Explosion of colour

Dolores Cummiskey – Explosion of colour

Fuengirola Farewell

So after a farewell to the Salon Varietés and BIOPARC it is now time to say hasta pronto to many other local friends.


In pride of place must go Ali Meehan who is just finishing her own 100 day journey. Ali is the inspirational leader/founder of Costa Women. She and so many of her members have made this 90 Day Tour possible simply by their superb moral support and, of course, a number of the town overviews. Ladies (only!) if you are not a member of Costa Women, you should register at no cost. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Thanks, Ali. See you soon.


On a similar track, I have always had massive respect for Sam Campbell and her Business 1st groups. If you are in business and on the Costa del Sol, I strongly advise you to check it out. It’s an inspirational group of expat (mainly) business people and I am sure that if you commit, you will gain. Simples … I hear the young people say. Where did that come from?

Dave Walkiden is an active member of Business 1st and, bluntly, the only guy I would let work on my computer hardware. In a world of amateurs, he is a true professional. I think I know a wee bit about computers and the such but when it comes to hardware he leaves me dead in the ground. Got a problem? Look him up.

E10 - Roger Cummiskey

Roger Cummiskey has been a friend for many moons. I like givers. Roger and his charming better half, Dolores are two people who have given much to the expat community over many, many years. You can’t think of Bloomsday without thinking of them and, of course, they are the driving forces behind the Andalusian International Artists Association. He reminds me that they have a number of high profile exhibitions in the next few weeks. Details here.


Nahida and her husband Percy are two favourite Swedes and they are two more expats who give more than they expect. Nahida is an active member of Costa Women and runs her own lingerie business. Percy is busy at the moment with the forthcoming feria.

See you all soon, guys!!

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